About the Author

Jennifer Whitaker is licensed as an LVMT in the state of Tennessee. After her U.S. Army enlistment, she used her G.I. Bill to complete her Associate of Science degree in Veterinary Technology from the AVMA-accredited program at Globe University in Madison, Wisconsin – her home state. She is working on finishing her Bachelor of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from Tarleton State University (a division of Texas A&M). Jen works primarily in surgery alongside her husband, Dr. Shane Whitaker; owner and surgeon at Highway 58 Animal Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In addition to surgery and anesthesia, she maintains a wide variety of professional endeavors that include reptile medicine, wildlife rehabilitation, and feline-specific medicine, nutrition, and behavior. She volunteered for several years in the Animal Health Center at Vilas Zoo in Madison, and interned as an LVT at the Chattanooga Zoo. Jen strives to continually add to her knowledge base by attending several education conferences each year, researching a wide variety of topics, and utilizing her own experiences with both clinic patients and personal cases.

Outside the surgery suite, Jen greatly enjoys spending time with her husband and their two daughters, Zoë and Holly Sue. She loves to play with her beloved cats and her stunning German Shepherd, Talon vom Hokschhaus. Jen and her husband are also avid reef keepers and maintain 3 saltwater reef tanks with a beautiful assortment of corals and fish – the vast majority of which are captive bred/propagated or sustainably harvested. Many of Jen’s professional interests cross over into her personal world. She has spent nearly her entire life rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned/stray pets (primarily cats) and injured wildlife; a passion learned and inherited from her mother, who in turn inherited it from her father, and so on. Jen has maintained a successful feline behavior consulting service for the past 13 years, and spent over 10 years breeding a large collection of different snake species and genetic color/pattern variants.

Jen is greatly devoted to educating pet owners and the general public on a variety of topics related to veterinary medicine and animal health. Over the past several years, she has written numerous articles and shared them on different forums, Facebook groups, and other social media. The success of these articles spurred her to utilize her training as an Army journalist/public affairs specialist to create a blog, where she can share her knowledge and education in a centralized location with a broad worldwide audience of pet owners and animal advocates.