Veterinary Technician Services!

Being a veterinary technician is my passion!

As a Licensed Veterinary Technician with a Bachelor’s in Veterinary Technology (Veterinary Nursing), I am well-educated in the anatomy, physiology, health, nutrition, behavior, and training for a variety of species. In addition to working with both domestic and exotic pets in private practice, I have interned at two different zoos (Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI and Chattanooga Zoo here in Chattanooga). I have also personally advanced my own training and continuing education in feline and canine behavior as well as nutrition and dietary physiology. I have the education, skills, knowledge, and devotion necessary to perform any and all veterinary technician services to clients.

Client education is a passion of mine and I really love to answer health questions and discuss detailed topics like nutrition, wellness, dental care, puppy/kitten care, behavior, genetics, breeds and coat/eye colors, etc. I also happen to maintain a blog dedicated to answering the most common topics I see asked on social media and receive via e-mail. I write articles that are extremely in-depth, researched, cited, etc. If you’d like to check it out, please click the stethoscope to visit my main page:

I love what I do, and I genuinely love helping the community have better, healthier lives and relationships with their pets.

First and Foremost: As an LVT, I cannot legally diagnose, prognose, prescribe, or perform surgical procedures. Those are restricted to a licensed DVM.

I *can* give answers to your questions (within my scope), provide information about what possibilities may be, and give in-depth information about any health topic or concerns about your pet, but I cannot specifically diagnose any ailments or injuries.

I also cannot legally administer vaccines without the supervision (direct or indirect) of a licensed DVM. I’m very sorry, as I know this is sorely needed in Walker County. An owner may legally administer vaccines to their own pet, but administering vaccines to another person’s animal constitutes practicing veterinary medicine without a license in both Georgia AND Tennessee. However, I highly recommend Dr. Jen Eachus at Healthy Paws Mobile Veterinary Services for vaccines. We are currently working on teaming up to offer more vaccination opportunities and walk-in clinics!


*I do NOT charge any travel fees within the following Tennessee counties: Hamilton, Bradley, and Marion; or the following Georgia counties: Walker, Catoosa, Dade, Whitfield, Murray, Gordon, Chattooga, Floyd, Bartow, and Cherokee. Outside of these counties, I do charge a $15 per hour drive distance fee. I wave this fee if you are booking multiple services!*

***I offer a 10% discount if you book 3 or more services at once!***


  • Nail Trim: $15
  • (avian) Beak Trim: $15
  • (avian) Wing Clip: $15
  • Ear Cleaning: $15
  • Teeth Brushing: $15
  • Anal Gland Expression: $15
  • Sanitary Clip/Grooming: $20
  • First Aid/Wound Care: $10 to $30
  • (reptile) Stuck Shed/Eye Cap Removal: $15
  • (reptile) Assist-Feeding: $10 to $30
  • (waterfowl/poultry) Bumblefoot Treatment: $20
  • Labor/Delivery Assistance: $25 to $100

Special Medical:

The following services are for pets who are currently under the care of a veterinarian and already have prescriptions/supplies provided, although some supplies I am able to provide/bring for an additional cost. I will also gladly communicate with and work with your veterinarian in order to provide the most appropriate at-home care:

  • Insulin Administration: $10
  • Administration of Medication: $10 to $30
  • Administration of SQ or IV Fluids: $15 to $50
  • Obtaining Blood/Urine/Fecal Sample: $10 to $50
  • Hospice Care: Varies
  • Post-Op Wound Care: $10 to $30
  • Post-Op Physical Therapy: Varies


(For any species, not just dogs!)

  • 10-minute Potty Break/Let Out: $10
  • 30-minute Dog Walking: $15 to $25
  • 30-minute Exercise/Playtime Break: $15
  • 1-hour Exercise/Playtime Break: $20
  • 30-minute Basic Obedience Session: $20
  • 1-hour Combination Walk/Play and Obedience Session: $30
  • Litterbox Scooping/Washing/Changing: $10 to $30 (depends on how many)
  • Cage Cleaning: $15 to $30
  • Pet Sitting (in your home): $15-$75 per day (depends on species and needs)
  • Pet Sitting (in my home): $15 to $50 per day (depends on species and needs)
  • In-Person Nutrition Consult: $20
  • In-Person Behavior Consult: $25
  • In-Person Husbandry/Care/Enclosure Consult: $20

On-Call Questions/Advice:

If you have ANY questions about ANY topic (health, behavior, nutrition, obedience, medications, etc), are worried about whether your pet should go to the ER or can wait to see their regular DVM (triage), or need ANY advice, I am available pretty much 24-7. If I am online/free and can take your inquiry, I will respond and let you know I am ready. Here are my rates for devoted blocks of time to address your concerns with my full attention:

  • 5 minutes or One Question via Text, E-mail, or Facebook Messenger: $5
  • 15 minutes via Text, E-mail, or Facebook Messenger: $10
  • 15 minutes via Phone: $20
  • 30 minutes via Text, E-mail, or Facebook Messenger: $15
  • 30 minutes via Phone: $35

To make an appointment for veterinary technician services or pet microchipping, or reach me for advice/questions, please get in touch via my 501(c)3 Cat Rescue:

Phone: (423) 521 – 0325 (text preferred — if you call, PLEASE leave a voicemail)


Message on Facebook:

I look forward to serving all of the furred, feathered, finned, and scaled pets in our amazing community!